Partners in Planning Online Conference: Working with Climate Change in Mind

Working with Climate Change in mind was a week long online conference (9th to 13th of November 2020) ran by Partners in Planning. The goal of this conference was to look at the ways in which built environment professionals can work together to support the climate change agenda.

Videos and presentations from the conference can be accessed below.

Session 1: How climate change is an opportunity to rethink how our places are planned

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges faced by humanity and Scotland has set some ambitious plans to meet net zero emissions by 2050. There is a drive across the built environment sector to work collaboratively to respond to climate change and it is now more than ever providing an opportunity to rethink how our places are planned. The sessions across this week aimed to share knowledge, skills and practical case studies to empower planners in their role towards mitigating climate change and creating places to support people and planet.


Session 2: How do we create carbon conscious places?

A&DS, SEPA and the Scottish Government presented on how they are working to create carbon conscious places. A&DS discussed their research on carbon conscious places. SEPA discussed the importance of a circular economy approach in creating low carbon places. Ian Gilzean Chief Architect at the Scottish Government talked about importance of 20 minute neighbourhoods which the Programme for Government has committed to taking forward.


Session 3: How do we design climate resilient places?

We heard from three architects to discuss projects they have been designing which aim to create more climate resilient places. Collective Architecture discussed the Meadowbank Green Roof feasibility study; erzstudio presented on the North Maryhill Masterplan; and finally Raeburn Farquhar Bowen Landscape Architects discussed the Queensland Court Flood Management Retrofit Scheme.


Session 4: How will climate change influence our infrastructure requirements?

This session was chaired by Heads of Planning Scotland and looked at how climate change will influence our future infrastructure requirements. We heard from Michelin Scotland on their new Innovation Parc in Dundee and its role in low carbon mobility. Sustrans presented on the future of travel and the Infrastructure Commission presented on the effects of climate change in our future infrastructure requirements.


Session 5: How do we adapt for a changing climate?

Chaired by Kevin Murray Associates, this session looked at how we adapt to the changing climate, we heard from the Scottish Land Commission on the use of vacant and derlict sites. Historic Environment Scotland presented on the adaptation of historic places and structures to mitigate the effects of climate change, and PAS discussed the importance of behavioural change.