Place and Design: Interventions to Create Successful Places

These presentations will help you learn more about the interventions West Dunbartonshire Council Planning Service are leading, adopting and evolving to create better places. From building better cross-sector relationships to introducing an innovative Place and Design Panel and Elected Member Briefings. Please see the playlist below for presentations from:

Initiatives to Front Load the Planning Process

  • Ashley Mullen – West Dunbartonshire Council – Design Officer
  • Sarah Hay – Stallan Brand Architects - Architect
  • Pamela Clifford - West Dunbartonshire Council - Manager of Planning, Building Standards and Environmental Health
  • Ian Laidlaw - The Malin Group – Project Manager

The Consultant’s Experience

  • Fraser Davie – Keppie Design - Architec
  • Jonathan McQuillan – Anderson, Bell & Christie Architects - Architect

Impact of Closer Collaboration to Deliver Better Places

  • Richard Cairns - West Dunbartonshire Council – Strategic Director of Regeneration, Environment and Growth
  • Peter Barry – West Dunbartonshire Council – Strategic Lead of Housing and Employability
  • Erin Goldie - West Dunbartonshire Council – Development Management Team Leader
  • Jo Winterbottom – Health and Social Care Partnership - Health Improvement Lead

Design Review: History, Typologies and Future Research

  • James White – University of Glasgow – Professor of Urban Studies
  • Rob Richardson – University of Glasgow – Collaborative PhD research Student