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West Lothian Planning Performance Framework Case Study: Calderwood- Placemaking


Calderwood is part of the Core Development Area at East Calder. Since it was granted planning permission in 2013 it has progressed rapidly.

Who was involved?

Stirling developments is the lead developer and masterplanner.

What did they do?

A strong design and landscape approach was taken to the creation of the new community. The aim is to achieve a people focused development with emphasis on landscaping and public realm. Phase 3 of the development is commencing with over 400 homes now occupied and the housebuilding is continuing at pace. The revised master plan has been approved which reflects the evolution of the project. Alongside approval for a public art plan for the development. Progress has begun on delivery of a new non-denominational primary school. The Larder Café has opened which acts as a community facility and meeting point and has been successful in creating a sense of community.


When complete it will have 2,500 new houses, two primary schools, a high school, a village centre and community hub will be developed. It is in its third phase and the Designing Streets approach has been taken with emphasis and investment in landscaping and public realm.

Contribution to planning

Its use of the Designing Streets approach has set it apart from other major housing growth areas and creates a quality place to live.

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Key themes: placemaking, development, housing, designing streets, quality places, public realm