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Innovative approaches to planning

Loch Lomond and the Trossachs Planning Performance Framework Case Study: Community Action Planning and Engagement Review


All the communities in the National Park are being supported to prepare their own locally led action plan by the Park Authority. A review of the process is taking place in light of the new Local Place Plans.

Who was involved?

The Development Planning and Communities team lead in this area with the Community Partnership providing direct delivery support.

What did they do?

There was a survey of the current Community Action Plan process to review their effectiveness and identify improvements. New ways of working in partnership are being trialled. Communities are being encourage to apply for funding to continue community-led projects, through the Making Place Initiative or taking the lead on their own community action planning.


There is now a greater understanding and buy in from all those involved in creating Community Action Plans with a spatial element. The project is still underway but so far has shown that there are opportunities to make the Community Action Plans more spatial by using tools such as the Place Standard.

Contribution to planning

Taking a proactive approach by reviewing current processes to see how these will link into the changes in the Planning Act.

For more information:

Planning Performance Framework: page 21-22

Community action planning and Local Place Plans:

Key themes: collaboration, action plan, local place plans, co-production, community engagement, community planning, placemaking