Working it out together

Funding the Infrastructure Gap

With Local Development Plan proposals commonly seen as extra to council business plans what do planners need to know about local government finance and vice versa?

How can planners better communicate the funding implications of delivering growth?

How could an Infrastructure Levy contribute to delivery and what are the likely education impacts of expanding the provision of Early Years Care?

What is already happening to forge closer links in Edinburgh & Fife and what lies ahead?

Don Peebles, CEO of CIPFA

Stefano Smith, Peter Brett Associates

Alastair Young, Scottish Futures Trust

Panel discussion: CIPFA, Scottish Futures Trust, and Peter Brett Associates

Paul Lawrence, Executive Director of Place at the City of Edinburgh Council

Kate Hopper and Ben Wilson, Planners from City of Edinburgh Council

Sat Patel, City of Edinburgh Finance

Bill Lindsay, Fife Council

Panel Discussion: Fife Council and City of Edinburgh Council